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January 28, 2008

Join the Chicagoland LETS Community Currency

Are there any alternatives to the US dollar? ie Federal Reserve Notes?

Yes! The realty is that anyone can create new currency. Now, I’m not talking about counterfeiting, what I’m talking about is creating new currency from scratch, whether that be seashells, buttons, salt, labor, time, favors, etc..

One such alternative is LETS. What is a LETS? It’s a community-based, social collaboration network in which goods and services can be traded without the need for printed currency. Similar to barter but not really. I would describe it like barter on drugs, in a good way. Let me explain. In a barter system both parties need to mutually agree to the exchange. That is time consuming. In a LETSystem you offer your products or services to another member of the system and you get credited. Then once you want to buy, you contact a member of your choice, and your account gets debited.

The initialism L.E.T.S. could stand for a variety of things, but in the end the practicality is the same: “Local Exchange Trading System”, “Local Economy Trading System”, “Labor Exchange Trading System”.

LETS not only promote a sustainable economy, but they are usury-free, inflation-free, and recession proof. Once enough people in a given community have been introduced to this idea, and become actively involved, the hard part is history.

Anyone interested in being included in the Chicagoland LETS directory please send an email to (gdeluca17 at comcast dot net) with your name or company, email address, city, and up to five goods and or services that you would offer. We will launch a website once we have a substantial number of people.

The website will be a directory of products and services, offered and wanted, searchable by location.

Individuals and businesses are welcome. Absolutely free to join.

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