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December 30, 2009

Freeconomy Needs You!!!

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Stemming from the “Pay it Forward” concept, Freeconomy is a site well worth checking out. It’s a great tool that let’s us exchange skills, tools, space (rooms, office, garage, etc.), and land (for growing food for example) with our fellow neighbors. All without the use of money.

You can sign up at justfortheloveofit.org.
Then sign up for the forum, using the same username at forum.justfortheloveofit.org.


December 10, 2007

Craigslist vs FreeSharing Network

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When it comes to free recycling portals, FreeSharing Network beats Craigslist hands down.

With Craigslist, there are so many people who simply don’t show up or don’t respond to your emails. That’s because, you don’t need to be signed-in to use their website.

With Freesharing, which by the way works with Yahoo Groups, people need to be registered. That translated into a higher conversion rate. Less no-shows, and less no-responses.

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