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September 2, 2008

Campaign for Liberty

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The alternative republican national convention is going on right now. You can watch it live at campaignforliberty.com or C-SPAN2.


July 11, 2008

Cloud Wall Picture

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Picture taken yesterday of fast approaching weather pattern. Just seconds before getting drenched with cold rain.  This was taken with my brand new digital camera: HP Photosmart Mz67 at  only 2MP resolution.

Cloud Wall Picture

Cloud Wall Picture

June 26, 2008

Funny of the Day

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I’m sure you bilingual enthusiasts out there in tv-land will appreciate this:

Try pronouncing the Italian phrase “al sole”, meaning “in the sun”, in English. The result is quite comical.

June 8, 2008

Bird Attack

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So I was enjoying my quasi-daily run today… when suddenly I hear, very close to the back of my head, the fluttering of a bird. I figured that it was simply a low flying bird. I glanced back to survey the situation, and what do I see? A pissed off oriole (or at least I think it was an oriole) hovering a couple feet above my coconut. It swooped two, three, or four times millimeters from me. I can’t say for sure how many times…I was just too busy politely yelling out a few choice words, in combination with swatting my t-shirt at the creature, and of course moving away.

The whole incident lasted just several seconds, however it was a pretty scary experience. The whole time I was thinking of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, and I was I also saying to myself “Dude, you outweigh this little bogger by a couple thousand ounces, stop acting like a school-aged girl”.

I managed to escape unscathed. Thankfully!

So what actually happened? Why did the oriole attack? A few possible reasons:

  • It was possibly protecting its nest, or territory.
  • It’s used to being fed by humans. When it saw me, it expected to be fed. This was how the birds in “The Birds” were trained to attack.

Another thing to note. This incident occurred under high-voltage power lines. Is there any chance that the electromagnetic field somehow disturbed the birds navigation skills?

March 12, 2008


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Gomorrah, by Roberto Saviano, is an excellent read for anyone who would like to better understand the intricacies of the camorra. You will see how the camorra controls the economy and influences politics at the local and international level. I applaud the author for his courage and integrity. The last chapter of the book “Land of Fires” covers the neopalitan waste management racket.

March 3, 2008

Letter To CNN Goes Unanswered

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About two weeks ago I sent an email to CNN, mostly to show my disgust with the current presidential race coverage.

[Dear CNN, as “the most trusted name in news” you have the moral responsibility to be fair, honest, and unbiased in your reporting. Your job is not to influence and condition the will of the people.

As it pertains to the current presidential race, it may seem that your network gives preferential treatment to Clinton, Obama, McCain, and Huckabee, while ignoring the “unelectables”.

Let me politely point out that Mike Gravel, and Ron Paul are still in the race. They have not dropped-out as far as we all know. Not to mention your lack of coverage of the third parties.

Please just report the facts and don’t take sides.]

CNN has not responded. I wasn’t expecting a direct response, however, not even a hint of a cookie-cutter acknowledgement?

March 1, 2008

Ralph Nader Makes Another Run

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To paraphrase Ralph…noboby should tell you not to vote, or who to vote for, and anyone wanting to run should be able to. That is a true democracy. No bureaucracy. No red tape. There are only three requirements to run for the candidacy. Minimum of 35 years of age, be a natural born US citizen, and 14 years of residency.

It goes without saying that the more people run for office, the more choices we have. Forget about whether a third party candidate has any real chance of winning. The answer is, at least under the current system, no. What this is really about is giving people a voice. It’s about non-violent protest. It’s about sending a message to the establishment.

When enough people wake up to the fact that the current system is closer to an oligarchy than a democracy, only then will we get closer to a free and open society.

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February 19, 2008

Presidential Family Tree and the Windsor Connection

It may be a shock to some, but the reality is that most United States of America presidents have a genealogical connection to the British royal family, or other European monarchies. Even the “unbiased” mainstream media has reported that Barack Obama and Dick Cheney are not so distant cousins. We also know that Obama and George Bush are cousins, and the same with Bush and Cheney.

We know that the people don’t choose the president or vice-president. Our trusted presidential electors have the privilege of doing that, with the help of our infamous electoral college and duopoly system. Can we say, without sounding like crackpots, that our leaders are chosen by birth, not by ballot?

Royal Presidents

February 4, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday: Vote for Ron Paul, the Real Change

Tomorrow twenty-four states will hold either primaries or caucuses for at least one party. Whatever you do, vote for the presidential candidate that best represents your beliefs. Don’t be swayed by polls, the media, or whether your state is historically considered a blue or red state, or by people telling you that your candidate has no chance of winning.

Do not vote for your typical, cookie cutter, status quo politician. Vote for real change, vote for a cultural revolution. Vote for Ron Paul!

If you are for peace, for life, against big government, against forced vaccinations, there is only one choice. Ron Paul!

The two issues that are perpetually raised, by presidential candidates and the media, are the Iraq War and the Economy. First all all, let’s remember that the U.S. military is not just in Iraq but all over the world, whether fighting an undeclared war or acting as “peace keeper”. Ron Paul will stop the Empire building. As a result, fewer lives will be lost and terrorist threats will decrease, if not stop all together.

As far as the economy, the U.S. military is one of the biggest expenses that we have. It’s very simple: no wars = no debt. We could finally balance the budget and put an end to the slumping economy, this just by stop being the bully of the world.

Let’s vote for good change, not bad change. We cannot allow another George W. Bush to be put in office.

And as a final note, I would encourage everyone to use a paper ballot. That will increase the chances of your vote being counted.

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January 28, 2008

Join the Chicagoland LETS Community Currency

Are there any alternatives to the US dollar? ie Federal Reserve Notes?

Yes! The realty is that anyone can create new currency. Now, I’m not talking about counterfeiting, what I’m talking about is creating new currency from scratch, whether that be seashells, buttons, salt, labor, time, favors, etc..

One such alternative is LETS. What is a LETS? It’s a community-based, social collaboration network in which goods and services can be traded without the need for printed currency. Similar to barter but not really. I would describe it like barter on drugs, in a good way. Let me explain. In a barter system both parties need to mutually agree to the exchange. That is time consuming. In a LETSystem you offer your products or services to another member of the system and you get credited. Then once you want to buy, you contact a member of your choice, and your account gets debited.

The initialism L.E.T.S. could stand for a variety of things, but in the end the practicality is the same: “Local Exchange Trading System”, “Local Economy Trading System”, “Labor Exchange Trading System”.

LETS not only promote a sustainable economy, but they are usury-free, inflation-free, and recession proof. Once enough people in a given community have been introduced to this idea, and become actively involved, the hard part is history.

Anyone interested in being included in the Chicagoland LETS directory please send an email to (gdeluca17 at comcast dot net) with your name or company, email address, city, and up to five goods and or services that you would offer. We will launch a website once we have a substantial number of people.

The website will be a directory of products and services, offered and wanted, searchable by location.

Individuals and businesses are welcome. Absolutely free to join.

Visit these links for more information:
Solution to Unemployment Problems
An Economics in Waiting

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