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December 15, 2007

Substance Abuse in Sports

It’s been a couple days since the Mitchell Report was released, and I’ve been doing some thinking. What can we, as a society, do to solve the substance abuse problem in professional sports? The pessimistic answer is that as long as there is money involved there will be corruption, period. In sports that translates into cheating. So in other words, no matter what penalties are imposed, or what tests are given, some athletes will continue to cheat, and some of them will find a way to beat the system.

The optimistic answer is that we can make a difference. One of the best measures of being heard is by boycotting. Simply stop going to games, stop watching games on tv, stop purchasing apparel and other merchandise of your drugged-up heroes, aka cheaters. This not only goes for baseball, but for all professional sports.

Sport is about fairness. Athletes who take artificial substances, besides ruining their health, are creating an uneven playing field. It is not fair for the honest, hard-working, clean athletes. Cheaters, whether they ingest, inject, or inhale any artificial agent or substance should be thrown out of their respective league. They should also be ineligible for the Hall-of-Fame. (by the way let’s put Pete Rose in the Hall…but that’s a whole different post).


November 25, 2007

Bears Secret Weapon

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My suggestion to coach Lovie Smith would be to line-up Devin Hester at quarterback, and have him bootleg, or quarterback sneak, on every play. Why not try something different with our sputtering offense? It cant’ hurt.

That would create interesting reactions, to say the least.

November 19, 2007

Bears and Bulls

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Our Chicago Bulls getting off to another slow start is becoming a tradition. And, the circus* road trip does not help one bit. (So called because the circus uses the United Center every November).  I propose to let Chicago start the season in December. All in favor, say AYE.

The Chicago Bears after loosing to the Seattle Seahawks are 4-6, but somehow are still in contention for a wilcard playoff spot. In my opinion their chances of making the playoffs are slim to none, and Slim just left town. Even if a miracle should occur, they are not going anywhere past the first round. We just had too many injuries this year.

November 16, 2007


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Did you ever notice what the Chicago Bulls’ slightly overweight men’s dance/entertainment troupe is called? Right, they’re called Matadors. I don’t know who came up with the name. All I have to say is…WHAT? This is been bothering me for some time.

However, the Luvabulls do balance out the equation.

November 12, 2007

Calcio’s Hooliganism

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Calcio, aka: Italian soccer, or football, by most of the world. There has been yet another ugly episode in Italian soccer. One more needless death caused by fanaticism. This is really getting out of hand now. Well actually, it’s been out of hand now for a few decades. What can we do to stop this insanity. I propose a few things in no particular order.

Stop building stadiums that look like prisons.

Have assigned seat numbers, not just a block of cement, where people can cause a stampede. It’s a lot more civilized, and the game will be enjoyed more.

Remove fences, and plexiglass that function as a barrier between the players, and fans.

Don’t have separate sections for the fans of the two teams. Let’s remember, we’re not at war with fans of the other team. We are merely trying to enjoy the athletic event. Or, at least that should be the objective.

Teams need to stop all affiliations and funding of the Ultra clubs.

Ultras (as they are called in Italy) cannot travel in hordes. Whether it’s on trains, buses, etc.

Stadium security cannot be as lax as it is. People should not be able to bring firecrackers, flares, any sort of weapon, anything combustible, and the like. Sure it is true that they patdown everyone. But how come fans still bring in these objects? It is simply inexcusable!

Offenders should be given heavy punishments, not a slap on the wrist.

And finally, let’s remember to be sport enthusiasts, not fanaticals.

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