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November 3, 2008

My Political Platform

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I’m not running for office, but if I were, the following would be some of my platform issues:

Electoral Reform:
Reform or abolish the electoral college. End the two-party system. Open and non-partisan primaries. Open ballots. Open and fair national debates. Direct democracy. Referenda. No gerrymandering. No media-bias. Political recalls.

Monetary Reform:
End the Federal Reserve,  and fractional reserve banking. Introduce usury-free money. Allodial title.

Stop dumbing-down our children.

Restore value to life (pro-life does not just refer to abortion, it also includes capital punishment, and wars). End daylight saving time (let’s stay on standard time). Promote natural law. Tax pollution. Let’s embrace “alternative” / free energy, like: solar, wind, geothermal. Let’s phase out “safe” nuclear, “clean” coal, and hydrocarbons. Freedom, and civil liberties. No government interference, and over-regulation. No corporate lobbyists. Stop frivolous lawsuits. Less doctors. Less lawyers.

The presidential candidate that best embraces these ideals is Ralph Nader.


Simple Election Day Checklist

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On Tuesday, November 4:

  • Ask for a paper ballot, if your precinct / polling place has that choice.
  • Vote third party for every race… national, state, local… not just for the presidency.

Thank you!

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