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June 26, 2008

Funny of the Day

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I’m sure you bilingual enthusiasts out there in tv-land will appreciate this:

Try pronouncing the Italian phrase “al sole”, meaning “in the sun”, in English. The result is quite comical.


June 8, 2008

Bird Attack

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So I was enjoying my quasi-daily run today… when suddenly I hear, very close to the back of my head, the fluttering of a bird. I figured that it was simply a low flying bird. I glanced back to survey the situation, and what do I see? A pissed off oriole (or at least I think it was an oriole) hovering a couple feet above my coconut. It swooped two, three, or four times millimeters from me. I can’t say for sure how many times…I was just too busy politely yelling out a few choice words, in combination with swatting my t-shirt at the creature, and of course moving away.

The whole incident lasted just several seconds, however it was a pretty scary experience. The whole time I was thinking of Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, and I was I also saying to myself “Dude, you outweigh this little bogger by a couple thousand ounces, stop acting like a school-aged girl”.

I managed to escape unscathed. Thankfully!

So what actually happened? Why did the oriole attack? A few possible reasons:

  • It was possibly protecting its nest, or territory.
  • It’s used to being fed by humans. When it saw me, it expected to be fed. This was how the birds in “The Birds” were trained to attack.

Another thing to note. This incident occurred under high-voltage power lines. Is there any chance that the electromagnetic field somehow disturbed the birds navigation skills?

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