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February 19, 2008

Presidential Family Tree and the Windsor Connection

It may be a shock to some, but the reality is that most United States of America presidents have a genealogical connection to the British royal family, or other European monarchies. Even the “unbiased” mainstream media has reported that Barack Obama and Dick Cheney are not so distant cousins. We also know that Obama and George Bush are cousins, and the same with Bush and Cheney.

We know that the people don’t choose the president or vice-president. Our trusted presidential electors have the privilege of doing that, with the help of our infamous electoral college and duopoly system. Can we say, without sounding like crackpots, that our leaders are chosen by birth, not by ballot?

Royal Presidents


February 4, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday: Vote for Ron Paul, the Real Change

Tomorrow twenty-four states will hold either primaries or caucuses for at least one party. Whatever you do, vote for the presidential candidate that best represents your beliefs. Don’t be swayed by polls, the media, or whether your state is historically considered a blue or red state, or by people telling you that your candidate has no chance of winning.

Do not vote for your typical, cookie cutter, status quo politician. Vote for real change, vote for a cultural revolution. Vote for Ron Paul!

If you are for peace, for life, against big government, against forced vaccinations, there is only one choice. Ron Paul!

The two issues that are perpetually raised, by presidential candidates and the media, are the Iraq War and the Economy. First all all, let’s remember that the U.S. military is not just in Iraq but all over the world, whether fighting an undeclared war or acting as “peace keeper”. Ron Paul will stop the Empire building. As a result, fewer lives will be lost and terrorist threats will decrease, if not stop all together.

As far as the economy, the U.S. military is one of the biggest expenses that we have. It’s very simple: no wars = no debt. We could finally balance the budget and put an end to the slumping economy, this just by stop being the bully of the world.

Let’s vote for good change, not bad change. We cannot allow another George W. Bush to be put in office.

And as a final note, I would encourage everyone to use a paper ballot. That will increase the chances of your vote being counted.

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