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January 11, 2008

Naples Garbage Crisis is a Complete Mess

The Naples garbage crisis revives the expression “Vedi Napoli e Poi Muori”…”See Naples and Then Die”. The expression can be taken quite literally if we take a look at the cancer rates in the surrounding areas, and the stench of rot. The current situation is a complete mess. Of course this is not something that happened overnight. It was a problem that was ready to spill at any moment for quite some time, and now it did spill…all over the streets.

Who will resolve this mess? Politicians? Citizens? I’m not quite sure, but they better get their act together and stop pointing fingers, before this turns into more of a sanitation nightmare than it already is.

My humble, and common sense, suggestions would be for the citizens to start composting their organic waste. Non-organic waste does not emit nasty odors. Stop buying unnecessary things. Reusing materials. Take responsibility for your own actions. And stop the violent-anarchical maneuvers. The situation will be resolved much faster if everyone behaves in a civilized manner.

This garbage logistical dilemma is a simple result of ignorance, and over-consumptionism, sprinkled by a “little” corruption via the camorra and some no-good politicians.


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    Hai perfettamente ragione a dire,in poche parole, che la colpa è di tutti e nessuno.
    Non so come andrà a finire, ma questo problema c’è sempre stato, solo che ora ha raggiunto un livello insostenibile che potrebbe essere risolto solo se tutti, e dico tutti, si dessero da fare, ognuno secondo le proprie possibilità.
    …E comunque non dimentichiamo che stiamo parlando di una città dove non si riescono a rispettare neanche i semafori (chi si ferma al rosso rischia seriamente incidenti….), figuriamoci la raccolta differenziata!!!

    Comment by Agnese — January 16, 2008 @ 3:51 pm

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