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December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination

Benazir Bhutto, the two-time prime minister of Pakistan has been assassinated. I am saddened by her death, and the death of the other people involved in the attack. She was a very courageous woman, and I believe that she truly stood for a better world.

As for the allegations of corruption, most were fabrications. Her off-shore accounts were real, but who are we to judge the legality and ethics of that. Now, if she stole from the people that’s a whole different story.

What does her death mean to us? Well, I’m with Ron Paul on the idea of non-intervention. Each country deals with its own problems, especially if they are in the middle of a civil war. Let’s stop pumping money, money that we don’t have, into foreign economies. Let’s stop supporting dictators…and then changing our minds. When will we learn? In the past we have supported Osama Bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein, with money and weapons. And we know how the rest went.

Bottom line: let’s stop supporting Pervez Musharraf. Why? Because he’s another dictator!


December 24, 2007

Ron Paul vs Dennis Kucinich

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Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are the best choices from the two main parties. I agree with most of Paul’s issues, but not all. I don’t like his position on immigration, gun control, and the environment. Dennis Kucinich might be the better choice.

Before voting, look where your candidate stands on the issues, plus check their voting records. That says a lot about their integrity. Then just go with your conscience. A great tool can be found at 2decide.com/table. With this table you can see where all the major presidential candidates stand. Please note that third party candidates are not included, and there are a lot more issues to be considered that are not listed.

An ideal situation would be for both of them to win their respective party’s nomination, and then square-off against each other in the general election.

December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

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Which greeting do you prefer? And, is there really a difference between the two?

Is this a case of religious fanaticism vs secularization, or simple etymological ambiguity? Some people are offended when they hear Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas, depending on their ideological leanings.

The word Christmas comes from Christ’s Mass, or the mass of Christ. Pagan origins. Holidays is a corruption of Holy Days. In its current use Holidays has a commercial connotation, but the same could be said for Christmas.

The bottom line is that both terms could be religious or irreligious, depending on intent. Happy Holidays does not replace Merry Christmas, it is simply a collective term for the Holidays, which happen to include Christmas day.

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December 15, 2007

Substance Abuse in Sports

It’s been a couple days since the Mitchell Report was released, and I’ve been doing some thinking. What can we, as a society, do to solve the substance abuse problem in professional sports? The pessimistic answer is that as long as there is money involved there will be corruption, period. In sports that translates into cheating. So in other words, no matter what penalties are imposed, or what tests are given, some athletes will continue to cheat, and some of them will find a way to beat the system.

The optimistic answer is that we can make a difference. One of the best measures of being heard is by boycotting. Simply stop going to games, stop watching games on tv, stop purchasing apparel and other merchandise of your drugged-up heroes, aka cheaters. This not only goes for baseball, but for all professional sports.

Sport is about fairness. Athletes who take artificial substances, besides ruining their health, are creating an uneven playing field. It is not fair for the honest, hard-working, clean athletes. Cheaters, whether they ingest, inject, or inhale any artificial agent or substance should be thrown out of their respective league. They should also be ineligible for the Hall-of-Fame. (by the way let’s put Pete Rose in the Hall…but that’s a whole different post).

December 10, 2007

Craigslist vs FreeSharing Network

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When it comes to free recycling portals, FreeSharing Network beats Craigslist hands down.

With Craigslist, there are so many people who simply don’t show up or don’t respond to your emails. That’s because, you don’t need to be signed-in to use their website.

With Freesharing, which by the way works with Yahoo Groups, people need to be registered. That translated into a higher conversion rate. Less no-shows, and less no-responses.

December 6, 2007

All-time Worst TV Shows…Ever!

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The following is a ranking compiled by the International Television Advocacy for Intelligent Programming. It lists mind numbing, energy draining, simply irritating, sorry excuses for tv programs.

  1. Desperate Housewives
  2. Sex and the City
  3. Survivor
  4. Jerry Springer
  5. Maury Povich Show
  6. American Idol
  7. Dancing with the Stars
  8. Judge Judy
  9. The Bachelor
  10. TMZ

December 5, 2007

Razoo.com for the Common Good

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Visit razoo.com to make a difference in the world. Razoo is a brand new social networking website that connects people who are interested in the same cause. Don’t see your cause? No problem. After signing up you can create your own. You can also join an existing group, or create your own, whether it be local or global.

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