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November 12, 2007

Calcio’s Hooliganism

Filed under: Sports — Joe De Luca @ 10:37 am

Calcio, aka: Italian soccer, or football, by most of the world. There has been yet another ugly episode in Italian soccer. One more needless death caused by fanaticism. This is really getting out of hand now. Well actually, it’s been out of hand now for a few decades. What can we do to stop this insanity. I propose a few things in no particular order.

Stop building stadiums that look like prisons.

Have assigned seat numbers, not just a block of cement, where people can cause a stampede. It’s a lot more civilized, and the game will be enjoyed more.

Remove fences, and plexiglass that function as a barrier between the players, and fans.

Don’t have separate sections for the fans of the two teams. Let’s remember, we’re not at war with fans of the other team. We are merely trying to enjoy the athletic event. Or, at least that should be the objective.

Teams need to stop all affiliations and funding of the Ultra clubs.

Ultras (as they are called in Italy) cannot travel in hordes. Whether it’s on trains, buses, etc.

Stadium security cannot be as lax as it is. People should not be able to bring firecrackers, flares, any sort of weapon, anything combustible, and the like. Sure it is true that they patdown everyone. But how come fans still bring in these objects? It is simply inexcusable!

Offenders should be given heavy punishments, not a slap on the wrist.

And finally, let’s remember to be sport enthusiasts, not fanaticals.


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