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November 12, 2007

Anna Tatangelo

Filed under: Arts — Joe De Luca @ 5:00 am

Yesterday I went to the Harris Theatre to see Gigi D’ Alessio, Anna Tatangelo, and Pasquale Esposito in concert. Good Show…not so good showing. All three have incredible voices.

The theatre sits 1500, but somehow was not sold out. There were plenty of empty seats. It happens every time. Whenever an artist comes from Italy, the organizers / hosts of Chicago, do a very sub-par job in advertising the event. I only heard of this concert thru RAI International. It was also advertised in the Fra Noi newspaper, I believe.

How about putting posters up at places like Italian Social Clubs, high school and college Italian clubs, Italian bakeries and supermarkets, you get the gist.

Without looking at exact numbers, I’m sure that the greater Chicago area has enough Italian speaking people to fill the Harris Theatre many times over.

And, where is the high society of the Italian American community? People from the Consulate General, Italian Trade Commission (ICE), Italian banks and other companies? The heads of these organizations should be required to attend these events. It should be in their job description.


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  1. I totally agree. Both Gigi and Anna are excellent musical artists and should draw a large crowd from the American-Italian community. I saw them in Atlantic City on 11/11/07. The theatre was packed but Gigi also has a large following in that part of New Jersey. The show was excellent!

    Comment by Shirley Sorbello — April 30, 2008 @ 10:40 am

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