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November 30, 2007

Fascism at our Doorstep, S.1959 H.R.1955

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If Senate Bill 1959 should become law, bloggers like me could be incarcerated.

What YOU need to do:


November 28, 2007

Junk Faxes…Do Not Call List

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Attention: All Law-Breaking Advertisers

The Do Not Call Registry also applies to fax numbers. My fax number is listed on the National Do Not Call Registry, but I’m still receiving junk faxes. The latest one I received was for an “undervalued stocks alert”. Please, stop wasting my time and money. You people are using my paper and ink unlawfully.

Fast, Free, and Easy Weight-Loss

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After years of research, I came to the following conclusion:

In order to lose unwanted fat reserves, you need to move your ass. It really is that simple. Start by un-automating your life.

  • Walk or bike instead of driving, whenever feasible.
  • Don’t look for the closest parking spot, make a conscious effort of walking a few extra steps to and from your destination.
  • Use the stairs instead of elevators and moving stairs.
  • Do house chores, and yard work.

This is the best weight-loss program ever. However, you have to do it with a smile, or else it won’t work. And remember…if you don’t take care of your body where are you going to live?

November 26, 2007

Materialism is Alive and Well

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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Cyber Monday, and belated Black Friday. Let’s buy as much useless stuff that clutters our houses, and ends up in our landfills before you can say Merry Christm.., to help our economy.

Opinion: Crocs are Ugly

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I feel that those multi-colored, plastic, cheap looking, latest cult fad, sandals, called crocs, are just plain ugly, and they also look uncomfortable. There, I said my piece.

Dancing with the Stars

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I can’t take one more night of this Dancing with the Stars crap. Come on judges, pick a winner, and let’s move on.

November 25, 2007

A Bug in my Mix

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I had a taste for pancakes, but I will need to take a rain check.

Where and When purchased: Whole Foods Market, Palatine IL. October 13, 2007.

Product: Arrowhead Mills, organic kamut pancake and waffle mix.

This is not meant as a negative review for either Whole Foods or Arrowhead Mills. I’m just curious if mine was an isolated incident. The mix was unopened, stored in the pantry, and was purchased six weeks ago. When I opened the bag and looked inside, there was a string of mold with a crawling insect that flew out. Needless to say, my appetite was suppressed.

Any similar experiences?

Bears Secret Weapon

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My suggestion to coach Lovie Smith would be to line-up Devin Hester at quarterback, and have him bootleg, or quarterback sneak, on every play. Why not try something different with our sputtering offense? It cant’ hurt.

That would create interesting reactions, to say the least.

November 21, 2007

Meaning of Thanksgiving

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. But, do we really know what that means?

Thanksgiving is not unique to the US. Over the course of time, countless cultures around the globe have celebrated some form of Thanksgiving, or harvest festival, whether religious or secular.

In the U.S. it can be traced back to 1619 Berkeley Hundred Virginia, and 1621 Plymouth Massachusetts. Other notes: in 1789, President George Washington issued the first Presidential Thanksgiving Proclamation, in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday, and in 1939 President Franklin D. Roosevelt changed the date to a week prior. It was changed back to the fourth Thursday of November in 1941.

Oh wait! I almost forgot the massacres of the Indians. Follow the link and learn what they don’t teach us in school. The Real Story of Thanksgiving

What is the Point?

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Ebaymatchups.com is the newest eBay website. I would rather see Meg Whitman put her efforts into lowering our fees, instead of coming up with these masterpieces.

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